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Co-owner Leanne Harris is one of the masterminds responsible for the look and feel of the interior of Farmhouse Corner Market. She worked closely with Shorey Architecture Design + Build to create the space we all call home. This resident Creative Strategist has spent a lifetime working on DIY projects.

“Growing up, money was tight. If we wanted it, we had to build it,” Leanne says. “It forces you to be more creative. It’s seeing something and re-thinking its purpose.”

Leanne recalls her first foray into DIY projects: at 9 years old, she wasn’t able to afford gymnastics classes; instead, she used scrap lumber to build a balance beam and vault in her backyard, where she held classes for the neighborhood.

At 12, she built her own climbing wall, crafting the handholds from homemade playdough forms and poured concrete. From 5th to 8th grade, Leanne sewed all her own clothes; this allowed her both a creative outlet and a way to wear something no one else had.

DIY projects continued through to adulthood. When Leanne and husband, Ryan Harris, were first married, they were on a strict budget. “I really wanted a headboard, but we could only allocate $15 towards the project,” Leanne says. “While Ryan was working a restaurant shift, I cut down a dead white aspen tree in our backyard and made a headboard for $12 and some change.”

Leanne says the DIY passion is most present in her son Levi. “I see in him the same desire I have to create something when someone says that can’t be done.” For Leanne, the fulfillment comes from creating something out of nothing.

Most of all, Leanne wants everyone to know that you’re capable. “A lot of people say, ‘Oh, I could never do that,’ but if you break things down, every step is pretty basic. You just have to follow the steps. The best thing is, there’s no wrong finished product—it’s just unique.”

Look forward to monthly pieces from Leanne on DIY home decor, crafts with the family, holiday and birthday decorations, and more.

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